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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Animal Crackers Day

April 18 is national Animal Crackers Day , you know the ones, the ones that you loved when you was a child. If you remember those days then you will want to have a few animal crackers today. But first some quick facts

Did you know that the first animal crackers were originated in England. These were called animal biscuits and through the 1800s were imported to the United States. The demand for animal crackers grew and bakers at home started to make and sale them. In 1871 animal crackers started being produced in the USA. York Pennsylvania was the site for the Stauffers who made the first animal crackers. The National Biscuit Company to produce their own animal crackers. Later these crackers would become known as Barnum's Animals when the first box was sold in 1902. 


  1. I love animal crackers. I hate that they are marketed to children, because as an adult, I think they are wonderful. I used to have a lot of fun trying to guess what the animal was supposed to be.

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    1. I love animal crackers as well. Grand-daughter (8) just bought one of the largest canisters of animal crackers with her allowance. These should last her quite some time
      thanks for visit


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