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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a Christian holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ. On Good Friday Jesus was crucified and laid to rest in a tomb. On Easter Sunday they found that he had risen. The bible does not mention Easter Monday so it holds many meanings. For some it observes the day after Easter others use it to honor the memory of Christ's death and resurrection and yet there are some that use it for Easter egg hunts and polka festivals.

Easter Monday is always held the day after Easter Sunday, which the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon. Easter Monday thus always falls between March 23 and April 26.  It is not a federal Holiday here in the United States but it is observed by many around the world. The state of North Dakota, Texas and Maryland as well as cities in in New York, Michigan, Indiana

One of the worlds largest observation of Easter Monday occurs with the celebration of Dyngus Day in Buffalo, New York. The suburbs as well as the historic polonia district celebrates with a high level of enthusiasm. The celebration of Dyngus day in Polish neighborhoods of Buffalo date back to 1870. In 2006 a parade to celebrate this day traveled down the streets of the Polonia district from Broadway Market to Buffalo Central Terminal. The parade continues to grow each year. 

South Bend Indiana celebrates Easter Monday to signify the official beginning to launch the year's political primary campaign season. Local clubs, pubs and fraternal halls all celebrate. Famous individuals who have celebrated Dyngus day in South Bend include Robert F. Kennedy, former governor Joe Kernan, and President Bill Clinton. 

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