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Sunday, September 11, 2016

No News is Good News or is it

Today on No News Is Good News I have not been given very good news. Would it have been better if the news had not been delivered?? NO that would only mean that when one of my children needed me they did not let me know they did. As a mother I want to be there for my adult children just like I was there when they were younger. But lets look at that age old saying NO News Is Good News::

My husband would take a stance something like:
The good news is theres no bad news....the bad news is theres no good news!

my mother on the other hand who always thinks we should leave good enough alone would look at it like:
As long as something is running smoothly and no change is needed. So if we hear no news about it that it is all ok and should be left well enough alone

My nephew may think it be a funny old saying and think something like:
An old proverb that was filled with illness and death when many did not get together. When news did come it let others know bad news. 

What do you think no news is good news means?? 

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