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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Family Time In Kitchen

Today more than ever kids are wanting to get in the kitchen. I believe that they should learn to do every aspect of working in the kitchen including planning, cooking and cleaning. Getting in the kitchen with your family is great time to communicate and spend time. It is time for team achievement where everyone has a job or "position" to play. 

Every member of the family can play a part. Starting at the young age of 3 or 4 toddlers can help out as well. They will love the fact that they can help out like everyone else. Now, they're help may not be much of a boost and may take more time getting them involved sets up a desire for them to be in the kitchen as they grow. Good habits are easier taught earlier and are more memorable when enforced. 
Make sure that everyone knows what role they are playing. Write a chore chart so everyone knows what is expected. A chore list is also a great way to include additional tasks outside of the kitchen. Simply tack the list to the fridge or somewhere where everyone will be able to visually see it.

Making chore time fun and enjoyable is a lot better than boring old work. We have been known to sing in the kitchen while completing chores. Chores can also easily be turned into games. Offer lots of praise as you go along, encouraging each other makes work funner and more enjoyable. Stay positive and while it may not be the way "you" would do it your children are learning and helping out as well. There will be times that they will wine or protest chores that is just the nature of children. Simply remind them that they are part of the family and as such they are required to complete their tasks as well. 

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