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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are You Aware of Mold

As home owners there are many things that we need to be aware of . Having mold in the house is one of them. As home - owners we try to keep up with repairs so they do not get worst. Mold can affect a homes indoor air. Exposure to some types of mold can lead to health issues such as eye irritation, wheezing and nasal congestion. The environmental protection agency draws awareness to mold in the month of September.

As a home owner you should become aware of all leaks in the home. The roof, foundation, faucets or pipes can all be the cause of leaks. When found leaks should be fixed at once. When leaks are not fixed they can build up extra moisture which can allow mold to grow.

Humidity also lends a hand in mold growth. The humidity of a home should be 30 to 50 percent. Inexpensive moisture or humidity meters located at your local hardware store can tell you what the humidity in your home is

When building or remodeling be sure to use a surface coating that will help prevent mold from growth. Drywall and gypsum boards also has protection from humidity. Treated drywall and materials are perfect for high humidity areas like kitchen and bath.

I have been lucky not to have my home located in a flooded area but have had the opportunity to witness the damage that a flood can do. If you are involved in a flood check with the CDC to see what is recommended in removing all carpet, upholstery, drywall and ceiling tiles. The work of removing damage normally needs to be done with in 48 hours. It is recommended by the EPA to hire a qualified mold specialist.

Mold has a musty or moldy odor so your nose will be the early detector. You should not sniff or touch the mold if you suspect mold please call in a professional. I had a dear friend that died from exposure to mold as he was trying to remove it from his home on his own. This is dangerous work and should be done by a professional. 

As a final tip and an important one you should check the exterior of your home for ground water on a regular basis. Water build up easily causes mold so knowing your home is the best way to avoid it. A downspout can help route water coming off roof away from the house. 

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  1. Your points are really important--not just for the health of the family living in the house but when you sell your house, even if you sell AS IS, you have to make sure it's mold free--or future buyers and their mortgage lenders will walk away.


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