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Friday, September 16, 2016

National Working Parents Day

There are not many of us that do not wear several hats. Me myself I am a wife, mother, grandma, aunt, daughter, sister, nurse aide, volunteer and the list goes on. For all of us that hold down a job and are parents today is our day. In the past two parent families would see one staying at home and the other heading to work. These days and times it often takes both parents to work outside the home. The generation that allowed the ease of having only one parent working is gone. If both parents do not have jobs they are looking for jobs or another source of income. Working parents to me is anyone that puts work into the job of being a parent and doing their best for their child. Whether a job is held or not may be a bonus but does not necessarily make a working parent.

Many including myself have sent children back to school. There are a few things that you can do to ensure your school year goes well.

Children should be allowed to participate in activities but too many activities may become a hardship for families. Before a new activity is started take time as a family to look at the possibilities of whether or not a new activity whether it be a new group, sport or other out of the home event be a hardship on the family. Some may be short - lived events and others may last the entire year or several months. Make a compromise and decide how many activities at a time would be good for all.

A family calendar is another great idea that helps keep everyone on task. Knowing what is happening today, tomorrow and in the future is important. If possible adding these dates to the calendar will help over booking too many activities.

Keeping a closet or box for extra supplies that your family uses often will help save time as well. Take an inventory of what is needed is easier to do as well when all is in the same place. No more running out in the busy week to get a needed item because you should all ready have it in the supply area.

Sleep is worth as much as gold sometimes in my opinion. Not always do we get enough sleep because of our busy schedule. It is great to get our entire family on a bedtime ritual. Know the correct hours of shut eye that all members of the family need. A bedtime ritual for the children needs to be put in place so that we as the adults can get a bit of rest as well. Showers, laying our clothes out for the next day, brushing teeth, reading a book or quiet time are all part of the bedtime ritual.

What helps you keep your sanity between the work front and home life? 

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