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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Make A Candy Corn Wreath

This candy corn wreath will put a smile on many faces this fall. Candy corn is one of those things that only get sweeter with age. When I was a kid candy corn could only be found around halloween time. Then other holidays like Easter started to sell candy corn as well. The candy corn wreath originally was shared in Womans Day. 

Greet your friends and family as well as trick or treaters or who ever comes to your doorstep with a wreath of seasonal candy on your front door. Start with a piece of wreath shaped cardboard or styrofoam. Next black duct tape the entire wreath and finally hot glue gun on candy corn.

*Styrofoam Circle
*Candy Corn (Mine took one bag of Brach’s Candy Corn…and that included the kids stealing some and me stealing some too)
*Black Ribbon (the magazine said use black duct tape to wrap it. Although I have a love for duct tape, I thought ribbon was less expensive here) You’ll also need black ribbon to hang it up at the end.
*Glue Gun
*Clear spray paint (optional)
*Door hanger (optional…depends on where/what you want to hang it from)
1. Wrap your styrofoam circle with the black ribbon. I used a little hot glue at the beginning and then every so often added a little more as I wrapped.
2. Start in the bottom center of the wreath and start hot gluing the candy corn on, going in ONE direction. I started at the bottom center because I figured that if I got to the top and it didn’t measure out just right, it would be covered up with the ribbon to hang it up by in the end. I did have to break a few candy corns in half to complete the rows as I went along.
3. Starting in the bottom middle again, hot glue the candy corn in the opposite direction. Keep doing the rows in opposite directions.
4. Optional Step: When you’re done gluing on the candy corn, spray the whole wreath with a clear gloss spray paint. I was worried about ants coming to eat the wreath and  thought this would help. It also helps the candy corn to be a little less fragile.
5. Hang it up using some black ribbon and enjoy!
.Some tips are to wrap the wreath with duct tape using smaller strips. Trying to do it all in one continuous piece is not only frustrating but also confusing. The pressure of pulling the tape may break the wreath. Using smaller strips will also help you use less tape as well. 

When gluing the corn on work on the surface of the wreath first. Second work on the outer edge and then the inside of the wreath. Using the candy corn soft allows you to manipulate the pieces in the spaces better. This is needed in those tight spaces.

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