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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Have A Haunting Good Time With A Sundae Bar

We are always on the lookout for a fun way to have some spooking fun. Why not serve up some hauntingly good ice cream that will surely make everyone scream. A sundae bar may be expected in the summer time but we love ice cream all year long so why not. Here are some great ideas other folks had. 

Have a bit of fun and label the normal goodies for a sundae bar with amazing spooky names. Here are some ideas:

Caramel Sauce = Earwax
Chocolate Sauce = Diarrhea
Strawberry Sauce = Blood
Whipping Cream = Pus
Crushed Pineapple (tint with a little red food coloring) = Oozing Brains
Chocolate Jimmies Sprinkles = Spider Legs
Gummy Worms = Worms
Chopped Nuts = Crunchy Boogers
Coconut Flakes = Dead Skin
Maraschino Cherries = Bloody Eyeballs

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