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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Five Favorites

1, This week has been one of the hottest of the year so far. So I do not want to get in the kitchen to cook a full meal so I found other resources. This chunky gazpacho was just right no heating house up and delicious and family pleasing as well

2 We celebrated a new holiday to our family. Pig day, oh so yummy. My grandparents raised pigs when I was a kid but we never celebrated a special day for the. Now though that we know about them I think it has become a new holiday to celebrate.

3 I joined a new facegroup about Texas Barbq and decided to make up some Cowboy Caviar. It went over  great and I love the new group as well Cowboy Caviar is packed with great values of nutrients.

4 I love trying new recipes and sharing them with the family. The stuffed bell pepper casserole went over great and was very delicious

5 I love all the memories that I have of grandma, mom and the rest. They normally have someething to do with food but always filled with love. Read about a bit of my past and enjoy a pie as well

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  1. Your recipes all look so good, especially those peppers. Thank you for stopping by my blog:)

  2. I agree, I like to find recipes that don't heat up the house or take too long at this time of year. I never heard of pig day - sounds fun!

  3. Definitely need recipes like those when it's so hot. Look delicious.

  4. You are making me hungry for sure! I love food. Hope things cool down for you!

  5. All the food pictures in this post are making me mighty hungry...everything looks delicious! I've never heard of pig day.

  6. Texas caviar would be a fave at our house too. Did you know that 7/22 is Pi Day? I didn't. You can celebrate both PIG and PI days :)


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