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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vanilla Ice Cream Day

If you like vanilla ice cream then you are not alone. Vanilla ice cream is believed to be the number one choice of all ice cream flavors in the U. S.  Today, July 23rd is  vanilla ice cream day. Enjoy a guilt free bowl or maybe a cone of vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream is created by freezing a custard of cream or milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla beans or flavoring Vanilla grows in pods of fruit in vanilla orchids. The plant is native to Mexico and was a secret to the world outside Central America until the 1600s. The world since that time has had the chance to taste and recognize flavors.


  1. I always knew that it was pretty simple to make vanilla ice cream, did not think it was this simple. Thanks for sharing my kids will thank you because now my girls and I will be making Vanilla Icecream

    1. you are very welcome. I hope you all enjoy
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment


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