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Friday, December 4, 2015

National Dice Day

Today is national dice day. It may not be a big or even well known day but it did bring back some memories for me. I grew up and then married into a family that loved to play games. We have played board games as well as threw dice but the most important thing was we had lots of fun. Dice come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on what game you are playing. Everything from role playing games to monopoly to throwing dice games requires that you shake and roll.

I will give a bit away about me when I share this next memory of dice. In the 1970's car dice was a major component of any cool car. As a kid we lived in a very rural area but every weekend we had the opportunity to travel to another town to shop. My sister and I actually were able to purchase a set of these cool fuzzy dice for a friend of hers who was older than us but never had the opportunity to really shop elsewhere. Wow we thought this was a major deal as neither one of us was even near the age to drive but felt very cool buying the fuzzy dice.

Have any memories of board games or the car dice?? Would love to hear your memories as well

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