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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Easy Christmas Watermelon Pops


Time to introduce you to another food that December claims as its national food. This time it is a food that most everyone should know. Watermelon is a berry that grows on a watermelon vine. The plant origin is from southern Africa. The plant is large and sprawling plant with coare, hairy pinnately lbed leaves and white and yellow flowers. The plant must be re-planted yearly an is grow for its edible fruit. The watermelon fruit has a smooth hard rind, normally green with dark green stripes or yellow spots. The interior of the fruit is juicy and sweet normally deep red or pink but it may be orange, yellow, or white. Seeds may be many or the fruit may be seedless.
While to me it seems odd to be serving watermelon in December as to me it is a summer time fruit I did find an awesome holiday watermelon treat

Christmas tree biscuit/cookie cutter
Pop sticks
(Optional) Honey
(Optional) Multi-colored sprinkles 

Slice watermelon into slices just over 1cm thick.
Cut tree shapes with biscuit cutter.
Gently push pop stick into the base of the tree.
(Optional) Add a little more Christmas bling by brushing trees with a little honey (add a drop of boiling water if the honey needs softening) and sprinkling with multi-coloured cake sprinkles.
 Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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