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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


#GivingTuesday always happens directly after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was created and spearheaded by the 92nd Street Y in partnership with the United Nations Foundation and other organizations. In the beginning the movement consisted of around 1,400 American charitable groups. #GivingTuesday has spread to all 50 states and dozens of countries. There are many ways to get involved from participating in coat and blood drives to making donations. Everyone can get involved no matter age, religion, opinion it is one area where we can all unite to give back. It is our value system that will fuel this campaign.

#GivingTuesday was something that took off on its own when individuals started to get involved. The movement started small but has grown greatly and the awesome part is it is driven by the imagination of others to simply get involved and there are lots of ways to do just that. Non-profit organizations welcome the day when everyone will give back not only one day a year but every day.

The day that we praise the actions of others giving back with the same energy as we cheer on our favorite team then that will give the power and lead others to give back as well. #GivingTuesday has been growing in a sustainable way because of the early leaders and those that are joining as it grows. In the old days it was nothing to help our neighbor I can remember going over and helping the elderly with their groceries, mowing yards, and every year donating coats and clothes to the clothing drive. These drives do not seem to be as much around anymore but it would be great if we went back to yesterday values where we were ready to help.

Today take a step to help others and give back. Perhaps you can join an organization where you continue to give back.

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