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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Safety Tat Anywhere Lables : Protect Your Stuff review

I can remember my husbands grandmother, who seemed to feed the neighborhood and the men always knew where to get there coffee in between their truck routes, always complaining about her dishes being gone. She would say " they go out but they never come back" . I can also remember on more than one occasion where her kitchen cupboards where the dishes were to be were nearly empty. To buy the plastic throw away dishes was against the way she did things. She cooked delicious and hearty meals and she wanted to serve them in her real dishes as well.
I think that if granny had known about the anywhere labels from safety tat that she would have been pleased. Just like safety tat keeps our children safe if they get lost anywhere labels are there to keep our belongings safe. In the same simple way of a emergency phone number on the tattoo is now found on the label that we can place on anything that we need to. With our children heading out to anywhere and every where it is the perfect item to have on hand. Whether they are going to a friends house, camp or even better don't forget about back to school these great anywhere labels will let everyone know who is the rightful owner of the item. Toys, clothing, school supplies, bags, backpacks, containers, water bottles, electronics, sport gear and so many more items will now be able to find their home again.  I love the thought of dishes that often did not make it back home from work arriving safely back into our kitchen. With the name and phone number attached to the item there is no disputing where the item belongs.

So you may be thinking that you have used other labels and they may be great for one use or so but then they come off and can not be used again. Anywhere labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe and will last. Simply apply to any clean, dry solid surface to the item and you are ready to go. Wondering about non solid surfaces anytime labels has this figured out to with their care tags.

The tags can be customized in your choice of color. The tags are personalized and clearly marked. Perfect to attach to totes, cases, bags and so many other items. Durable stainless steel tags that attach to a metal chain that is included with the tag. Add your name, an optional phone number and a second line of information if you wish.
We were sent the camp combo to review and we simply love both. I have used the labels to attach to dishes that I take to school as well as toys that we take to the beach and parks. Both have worked well and in the case that we lose something we take time to look for it but in the case of a dispute of whether something belongs to us or not I love the fact that the label is there to help show ownership as well. In the future I plan to use the metal tags on her sport bag for soccer as well as her school backpack.
Where would you use a tag or label? What material item is important to you that you would love to personalize so that you would have it returned in the case that you lost it? Be alert that there may be an upcoming giveaway in the future.

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