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Thursday, July 16, 2015

child dental Care Tips To Make Those Smiles Great

With school beginning my mind turns to school physicals, eye exams, and dental visits. We take our children 2 times a year unless there is more work needed which thus far we have been very lucky. However, there are many children that do have major dental issues. As a child I had bad teeth and my parents had to take me to special dentist. I am to this day scared of dentist and try to take the best care of my children's teeth so they do not have to follow my foot steps through dental issues. There are a few things that you can do to try to ensure your childs teeth stay strong and healthy.

Start with your children are young and in the crib. It may seem hard to do but never allow children to have their bottle in the crib. Sometimes, when you have to work and the baby is fussy or you are super tired it may seem easier to give the baby their bottle in the crib but this is a very bad idea. As a baby sleeps the production of saliva slows allowing the sugar in milk or juice to pool down around the teeth. Without the production of saliva the protection it offers is not present. It is very important to brush your childs teeth before bed and never allow a bottle in the crib.

Sippy cups become very useful when children are too old for a bottle but not yet big enough for a regular cup. They cut down spilling but can extend the length of exposure to sugar drinks when they cups are refilled over and over with sugar based drinks. This may result in more tooth decay so instead of juice or milk fill the sippy cup with water.

Teeth should be brushed 2-3 times a day. This helps to rid the teeth of the starchy and sweet foods that accumulate on them. Flossing is important as well and should be done daily. One time a day our children should rinse with fluoride mouth wash as well. Every six months our children should have a check up and teeth cleaning as well.

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