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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hope There Is Lots of Help

Can you imagine you , a lady from India delivers 11 babies at the same time. First of all I wonder what it would be like to carry that many babies and second I wonder if these little ones will ever say " I Need My Own Space"


  1. Wow! I hadn't heard about this! I am so out of touch sometimes. I will have to go look it up and read about it. I don't want to imagine what it's like to carry 11 babies. 1 was uncomfortable enough. What an amazing thing though :) 11 babies!

  2. That's just crazy! I was barely able to handle my one! LOL!

    An Island Life

  3. I thought it sounded unrealistic and researched it and found this:
    Apparently it is something that has been circulating the web and is inaccurate.

  4. The photograph itself is genuine. However, it does not depict eleven babies born from the same mother. In fact, the photograph shows eleven babies all born on the "unique date" 11/11/11 in the Indian city of Surat. The same photograph can be viewed on the Afternoon Dispatch & Courier website along with the following caption:

    SURAT: A city-based In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centre will undertake operations on 11 would-be mothers to schedule the births of their babies on Friday, 11-11-11.

    About 30 women had conceived through IVF nine months ago at the 21st Century Hospital in the city. Of them, 11 couples wanted the delivery of their babies on the special date.


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