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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Guest Post : Leaving Hometown

Leaving Hometown

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

My greatest fear for the last four years has been the thought of leaving home! All the people that I love and have grown up with are so close to me but now that I’m moving I feel like all my fears have been realized. My mom is going to constantly worry about my safety and I know my dad will keep randomly calling me to make sure my car is running smoothly. I hope that this change is going to be for the better but I just don’t know how I am going to muster up the courage to leave this town that I’ve known for so long. This new job is something I can’t pass up though, I just couldn’t turn it down and with the economy at such a low point any job is great job. My good friend who I grew up with made the same move a year ago and he sent me an email the other day giving me advice about what to do when I move and how that transition will work. The best advice I think he gave was getting a security system installed in my house which is something I had never thought about in the past but after going to this website and learning about how to make my house more secure.

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