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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fridays Fave 5

Today is friday and the meme I am sharing allows me to share my 5 favorite moments. Well here they are

1. Packing my son for college. It takes a  big step to move away live in the dorm and go to school. I just am not sure who it is that it is having more of a pull on. Me because I am doing the work to not think about him leaving home I am sure that it will hit me after we drop him off and come back home.

2. My boss called me home and guess what it was good news. For the past several months I have been working every weekend as well as 3 days during the week. Finally she has offered me a top position where I could have every sunday and monday off. Once again I will be able to go back to church on a regular basis

3. I have been enjoying the weather here in beautiful southern Illinois as of late. Not too hot and not too cool beautiful weather to sit in the yard and enjoy it

4. The garden is producing some wonderful tomatoes Tonight we had BLT with fresh tomatoes. Yummy

5. School shopping has been going fairly well with lots of great buys being found.

These are my top 5 what are yours? Share and read others here


  1. YUM - BLT with fresh tomatoes sounds fantastic. That is GREAT news about your new position with the days off you need! Our summer (in Southern California) sounds like yours -- kinda mild, which is unusual for us, but maybe not so unusual for you. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. great list of faves! i too am saying good bye for a few months to our oldest daughter as she is headed off to college for the first time next thursday the emotional time for sure....thanks for visiting my FFF! have a blessed weekend!

  3. What wonderful news about your job! Congratulations!
    I hope it won't be too hard to bring your son to college. That's still a way off for us, but with twins, it will be all at once for me. I'll probably be a wreck!
    The slightly cooler temps have been such a relief! I've been enjoying the time outdoors again, too.
    The BLTs sound fantastic, and I have been finding great school supply bargains, too.


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