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Friday, August 12, 2011

Aloha Friday

Yes, I know that Friday is nearly over but I realize that it is still Friday and plenty of time to participate in Aloha Friday. Aloha Friday is a weekly meme that is easy to take part in bloggers ask simple questions that other bloggers give easy answers too. See why it is a great way to make friends? The blog An Island Life allows us to share this meme each week.

My question this week comes about as my boss has changed the days of the week that I am off. I believe I will love the two days that she has allowed me to have which are Sunday and Monday. My question is:

what are your two busiest days of the week


  1. Hard question, as I'm a stay-at-home mom. I'd say my hour and half drive sometimes twice a week to go out and look after my ailing mother, then get back in time to pick up the kids. Yeah, that will do it.

  2. I'm retired, but today was a busy day for me. I started my laundry, then husband decided we needed to go shopping and eat lunch out. Came home, company showed up, visited for an hour an a half. Started to get myself supper, company showed up again, visited for about an hour. I never did get my laundry finished, so will try to catch up with it tomorrow. So I would say Friday was my busiest day.

  3. Sundays and Mondays. Getting thekids started for school and kicking off the week take a tremendous amount of energy. Andrea @ townandprairie

  4. I guess the busiest days would be tuesday and saturday as we have to run the kids to their extra classes- swimming and piano.

  5. Hi Sweetie...
    For me that would be Saturday and Sunday. My days off. I always have laundry, groceries, yard and pool work, and of course church. My weekend is gone in a micro second and I am back at the computer at work on Monday. Thank you for asking. I love it that you get Sunday and Monday off. Not as many folks off on Monday, so it would give you a little more breathing room, and you might even be able to get through the stores faster. How fun. Love that schedule.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  6. Monday & Wednesday . . . these are the days when the kids have their Taekwondo classes.

    An Island Life

  7. Hm....well, I'm a part time teacher so have the summer off...we go back on sept 8th...i guess during the school year, my busiest days are the ones when my youngest has 2 ballet classes in one evening and the other day is when i have work, then housework, then dinner, then leading my small group once i get the hubby and preteen out the door for youth group! (so, that would be Mondays and Thursdays). fun meme!


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