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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I am thankful that I am a member of the family that I am. With my children all growing in different directions going to school, working, finding out all about life I am happy to see that they  have all become mature adults that are able to face the world and the problems that arise. My children often suprise me talking about God our Father being there to rely on when the world seems as if it has shut the doors on their dreams. I praise God for all those that have been in their lives. These special individuals have held my children accountable as Christians and taught them lessons that they needed to know. So tonight I am thankful for those that have had an impact in my childrens lives. 

Thankful Thursday


  1. Thx for stopping by THH today.

    So glad to hear about your kids and their faith formation. beautiful!

  2. I agree... family is the most wonderful blessings any of us could have Ü

  3. What a beautiful post! Nothing makes me happier, than seeing the fruits of the spirit pay off!

    Stopping in from Grace Alone. Have a great day.


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