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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday 6

Saturday 6 @ Patricks Place

1. Where is the last place you visited that involved a flight?

home watching wrestling on T.V.

2. If given a choice and all prices are the same, which airline would you most be likely to choose for your own travel?

I never fly so I have no prefrence

3. With which airline have you had the most negative experiences?

check #2 answer

4. You come to the security checkpoint and you find a new full-body scanner: would you voluntarily be scanned?

while I do not like the looks of these I would probably use them if I had to

5. Security agents tell you that the scanner is being calibrated and that it would take 30 minutes before you could pass through security unless you allow them to do a full putdown. If waiting 30 minutes won’t endanger the chance of you getting to your gate on time, would you wait or agree to the patdown?

depends on who is doing the patting down
6. Which airline fee bothers you the most and why?

check #2 answer

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