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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cangles Review

How many cans of soda will be consumed this summer? If you are like me then you may consume more than you think you will. Have any idea where those empty cans will end up? Do you recycle like our family does? I have found an awesome company that recycles those used cans and makes beautiful jewelry from them. Cangles are known for being fashionably green. From bracelets to earrings and even more Cangles is making the world beautiful by recycling.

One thing that caught my eye are their Eco-Friendly Big & Bold Retro Flower Bracelets

These are super cute and so perfect for summer time with the awesome colors. The bold colors will have others wondering where you found such a treasure.

We recieved this beautiful Lacy Butterfly necklace. I love the colors that the Arizona Tea can helped to create. The lacy feel of the butterfly offers a spot of beauty. This would be a perfect piece in my opinion to wear in the fall, winter or warmer months.

Another great piece we were able to review was this awesome diet coca cola bangle. Not only was I impressed but so were many of my friends. They thought it was awesome that a can could be recycled and made into a beautiful bangle. I love it because Diet Coke is often my drink of choice. Another awesome thing about these bangle bracelets is that none of them are alike because the whole can is used therefore depending on the width of bracelet as well as what part of the can was used is how this atractive bangle ends up looking.

You can find Cangles on facebook To check out all the great items that are available at Cangles be sure to check out their website at

We want to thank Cangles for allowing us the opportunity to review the two items that we shared. The items were recieved for review purposes and I shared my own opinion within this post

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