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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday 13: Memories of Mom

My mom's birthday is tommorow so I thought I would share 13 of my favorite memories of my mom for this Thursday 13 post mom drove a school bus for our local school district and many times I remember riding on that school bus with her lots of fun

2 Mom took us to church often, she taught sunday school and bible school and I can remember sitting in the pew with my mom and dad  what an innocent time that was

3. My mom had beautiful jewelry and one thing in that you could find in her jewelry box was a beautiful set of pearls. I can remember her allowing me to wear those pearls on one of my first dates. They made me feel so grown up or maybe it was just that I felt grown up and important

4. My mom was involved in the girl scouts with me and my sisters. I can remember selling dozens of girl scout cookies and my mother often chaperoned the trips that we took

5. My mother was a member of the 4H club when she was a girl and when my brothers and sisters and i got old enough to join we did as well. The experiences were something I will never forget

6. I have memories of my mother praying. She prayed both in private and in public. Her words were elequant and she would often be asked to pray over meals at dinners we would attend.

7. perhaps it is just me but my moms beauty can be compared to none. I have always admired my moms beauty and as she ages she just become more of a beauty to me

8. One of the talents my mom has is to decorate cakes. This is not a cake that she decorated but she has completed wonderful cakes before. For years she would decorate my childrens birthday cakes.

9. My mother grew up on a farm I loved to visit my grandparents on this farm and hear the stories about my mother when she was a young lady.

10. My mother loves to cook and collects recipe books. It is her love of cooking and trying new recipes that inspires my own love of food, to cook and collecting recipes

11. my mom is an avid walker. I admire her for the distance and speed that she can walk Walking is often a tool she uses to keep healthy and in her dieting ritual

12. My mom loves flea markets both buying and selling. She can make a right good deal and has a lovely collection to show of her years of buying, selling and collecting

13. The best thing about my mom is that she is just that my MOM. I love her and always will


  1. Such a sweet T13. Your Mom sounds great.

  2. happy early birthday to your mom!! great list!:)

  3. Lovely memories. My mom has been gone 2 years now and I treasure them all.

    Jappy T13

  4. What a great tribute to your mother! Very sweet.

  5. Such a heart warming list! A nice tribute to your Mom. Happy Birthday to her.


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