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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tame Those Tantrums During The Christmas Break

We have all been there when the youngest among us have had enough and start to melt down, when the word no does not agree with their ears and/or when the world seems to be coming apart for the youngest among us. The worst outcome is the dreaded temper tantrum the one where the wailing and fit starts and does not stop until we are finally able to calm them down. Here are some tips to help you avoid a disaster such as this:
  • it is very important for you to keep your cool. If you melt down along side of them who is going to be there to pick the pieces up? Stay there and talk calmly to your child attempting to walk away from your child may leave them feeling as if they have been abandoned which will just add to the problem
  • Remember you are the adult and should stay in charge. Allowing them to persuade you to give into their screams and demands will only add to a later problem as this can become learned behavior.
  • When the storm is over remind them that you love them and even though things did not work out the way they wanted it to life is still good and they are still loved
  • Know your child beware of times of extra stress , moments of being overtired, or just being overwhelmed. take a short time out where they can regain composer thiswill not only help them by allowing them to maintain their own behavior but the whole group in the long run

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