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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Bossy Frog Band

The Bossy Frog Band is a band that entertains children. In fact they are so good that they also entertain the parents of these children. Just take a quick look at just one song that is performed by The Bossy Frog Band.

The Bossy Frog Band provides fun and funky musical experience that is contagious and spreads to both the young and old. The leader of the group Jeffrey Friedberg is a certified music therapist and plays banjo. In this world where danger seems to be around every corner The Bossy Frog Band provides a chance for children to let loose and discover the world around them. Along with being fun the music provides a chance for children to grow socially, personally, cognitively and physically by dancing, singing, and immersing themselves in a fun experience.

You can find the band on youtube, facebook, and twitter You can also purchase cd's from the Bossy Frog Website

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