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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Wave review Help Balance The Air In Your Life

many of us will have a bit more company during the holidays than what we normally see. I can remember as a child we would travel to my grandparents and stay for a few nights while enjoying Christmas eve, Christmas and then head back home. Now days it is my turn to be host and for days we will clean and spiffy the place because we know that company is coming. Then after the company all leaves we take a look and decide that once again we must clean up. So if you are awaiting company to come and want to make the house smell great or you want to refresh your house after the company leaves Fresh Wave has the perfect product for you. Fresh Wave is currently having a sale for the next couple of days December 20-22 where they have 20% off all products.

Products like the Stinky Dorm Kit that helps even the college elite to keep their dorm room smelling great. I shared with you in my Stinky Dorm Kit Review how the kit has more functions than just the dorm room when you are a mom of six and have a few teens that do not like to clean their rooms. Included in the Stinky Dorm Kit are one Fresh Wave 16 oz. Crystal Gel and one Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray for total dorm de-stinkification and all for $19.99

The Fresh Wave Green Home Kit includes one Fresh Wave 16 oz. Crystal Gel, one Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray and one Fresh Wave 6.25 oz. Soy Candle to deodorize your home. It is safe around the home because it is green and would make a perfect gift for someone you love. The Fresh Wave Green Home Kit is perfect for using at your house to keep the air fresh safely and for $29.99 is an unbelievable deal.

Have a pet that needs a bit of freshening up? There is a Fresh Wave product for that as well. You can easily clear the air of the dreaded pet spell by using the Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo. Safely washes away pet oils and debris that our pets often get in their paws with Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo. The pet shampoo is safe for both our pets and humans

During the Holidays we may do a bit more cooking, baking and entertaining. If the meal that you prepared last night or the cookies that you somehow burnt leaves a stanch in your kitchen then try the Fresh Wave kitchen candle. The kitchen candle will help to neutralize the odor and place balance back in the air in the kitchen.
Fresh Wave Pearl Packs come in set of 5 pre-filled mesh pouches that are ideal for neutralizing malodors in small, tight or otherwise confined spaces. Safe to use around people and pets. If you plan to do a bit more exercise over the holidays or will be setting a New Years Resolution to work out more and loose a few pounds then you may want to get a few of the Fresh Wave Pearl Packs and place them in gym bags, lockers or any small place that needs a bit of refreshing. We used our sample Pearl Packs in my sons gym bags and they worked wonderfully. My son even commented on how the smell of his bag went from dreaded to standard.

Are you needing to freshen up the area where you live? Then check out Fresh Wave products for the product you need to help balance the air in your life.

we received a few different products samples for use in review purposes. The comments expressed in this post are those of mine alone

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