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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oran Etkin

I have always loved the sound of the woodwind instruments. I can remember in grade school as our music teacher would share the grand sounds of the music family and when she got to the woodwind family I would sit up and take great interest. A few laters I myself would pick up the chance to play clarinet in the school band. The musical sounds were quite beautiful and I took pride in all that I played. My parents took interest as well showing up at concerts, parades or wherever we performed. That began my love of the instrument my intrest perked once again as I heard Oran Etkin play.

Oran Etkin cd Wake Up Clarinet is one that will allow other children to take interest in the music that I enjoyed many years ago. Oran Etkin the world jazz musician who has been acclaimed by many to be one of the all time greats now brings his love of music to children. Sophisticated musical ideas will be conved by Oran Etkin in a fun manner that children from 0 to 99 can understand. Parents and children alike will enjoy the head bopping type of music performed by Etkin's all star band featuring Jason marsalis. They will learn about the waking clarinet, learn about King Louis X!V and enjoy sounds both high and low.

Oran Etkin allows a super fun way for children to learn music. You can hear the music of Oran Etkin's songs on Wake Up Clarinet as well as buy C.Ds and MP3s at this link  

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