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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last Ornament authored by Judith Vicary Swisher

Each year I look for a great book to read to the little members of our family. This year I had the grand opportunity to review the book The Last Ornament by Judith Vicary Swisher. Ms. Swisher also authored the best selling book Celebrate Advent -  25 Legends. I enjoyed reading through the wondrous pages as I read the Last Christmas Ornaments. The pictures in the book are ones that you can sit and day dream just a bit as you drawn into the story. Thy scenario of the story takes place as a family decorated their Christmas tree with trimmings. The stars of the story are the ornaments their selves. As the family looks at their cherished ornaments and takes them from the box the family recounts why the ornament is so special. It is when the ornament is placed on the tree that the ornaments come to life after being packed away for a year they have a lot to share. Children of all ages will be delighted as the story continues with each ornament is described and the ornaments share their own special talents. The height of excitement is found after the holidays are over and all the tree ornaments are placed back in the box, well all but one ornament. The ornaments all become aware of the situation of one missing and band together to figure out what to do. To find out what happened you will have to read the book The Last ornament for yourself.

About the Author:
Judith Vicary Swisher is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and The Pennsylvania State University. She is a Professor Emerita of Bio behavioral Health and the author of numerous professional articles. More recently she has written several holiday books for children and families. The first, "The Last Ornament", was published in 2006 [and reprinted in 2010], followed by "Celebrate Advent- 25 Legends", in 2008.

Our take
we loved it I loved the fact that it is hard back because it seems to make it more special. The pictures in the book were great and captured and keep the eye. My son and I both read the book his comments were "Mom, this is a great book, a keeper for sure." I believe the book the Last Ornament will be a hit at our family get together.

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