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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Bonfire

When autumn wind goes running

It does some magic things.

It gives the shadows dancing shoes

It gives the bright leaves wings

When autumn wind goes running

It curls the bonfire's tail of smoke

And shares a little whispered joke

With cornstalks who delight to prattle

It turns a seed pod into a rattle

When autumn wind goes running

Leaves in the Fall come tumbling down,

Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,

Leaves in the garden are swept in a heap,

The trees are ready for sleep.

I shared this post on Smiling Sally Blue Monday

Smiling Sally Blog Blue Monday
I love this poem and the picture is of a couple of close friends of mine. They are father and son and it brings back memories growing up in my family fall was always an important event not only fun but one filled with work to prepare all for winter. I can remember my own children when they were younger as well jumping in the leaves and watching the leaves burn. We often had wiener roast and had hot chocolate to enjoy by the fire.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Annie.

  2. love the rhyming.. :)

  3. Very well penned.. I enjoyed it so much.. thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  4. Love the picture you paint here, especially the seed pod becoming a rattle.

  5. Lovely musical quality to this verse that brings Autumn alive.

  6. Nice friends you got. I could drink some hot chocolate now. We had our second hard frost this morning. Nice blue monday post.

    My Blue Monday here

  7. sweet poem. Happy Blue MOnday

  8. Please help giving (belated) birthday wishes to 3 or 4 fellow poets:

    Thanks a lot for the support.
    Happy November!
    Your presence adds light to our space, keep shining!

  9. I had fun reading this. Love the rhythm and rhyme! :)


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