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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Say Mmm review

As a mother of 6 I often find it easier if I stay organized in the kitchen. For instance meal planning is an area where if I can say on task my life gets a bit easier. There is now a website that offers a free chance to stay organized on the Internet. The website I speak of is Say Mmm. On Say Mmm you can save your ideas to use later as well as share them with family and friends. I am just starting on Say Mmm and can all ready tell you that it will be easier than the current meal plan system I use I use now. Currently I keep recipes on my blog, in notebooks and cookbooks, the shopping list is in another notebook and ideas are saved here on my blog or in favorites. With Say Mmm recipes, tips and shopping list can all be kept in the same place. It is easy to get tips and recipes from facebook and twitter as well as from friends and relatives. There is even a place where you can keep tract of your favorite restaraunt and what you liked and what you did not like Say Mmm can help keep you organized with a weekly calendar, a shopping list, recipes, ideas and meal plans in one place on the Internet making life a bit easier in my opinion.

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