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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PineCone Turkey

The first thing you will need to do before making a pine cone turkey is to find the perfect pine cone that reminds you of what your turkey will look like there are all sorts fat, thin, small, tall find the perfect one for you

next you will want to use fall colored construction paper like brown, red, yellow to create feathers The number of feathers will depend on the number of feathers you will want your turkey to have.

You will want to glue the feathers to the thickest part of the pine cone using fast drying craft glue. You can place the feathers how you want them to go but remember its a turkey tail so you will want them to be bunched up and fan out a little

Use a pom pom ball, acorn, walnut 1/2 shell or whatever  you choose to form the turkeys head and face. you can use wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners as well as construction paper to decorate the Turkeys face.

This is a great decoration the little ones can help you make and do their share for Thanksgiving Dinner

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  1. I really like your Pine Cone Turkey craft. I would like to do this with my grandchildren.


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