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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks

No matter if you are a stay at home mom or a mom who works out of the house if you are like me then you often find yourself to busy to worry about style and fashion. Looking good is one thing but if we stop to make sure that we are stylish then it takes up the time that we can be spending with our kids, cooking our favorite meal, or posting on a blog. What we can do is take a few minutes read about the top fashion style and try to imitate it the best that we can. Sears and TwitterMoms has requested a list of the ten top tips of how we can weave the top style trends that are found on the fashion runway now into the wardrobe that we all ready have.

1. One of the hot colors for outerwear like coats, sweaters, or suit jacket is camel. So one of the easiest things you can do here and save a bit of money as well is to search your closet, good will or sales for a nice camel colored jacket.

2. purchase a pair of knee high or over knee high socks and dress up the look. The same old knee highs that I remember wearing as a kid are back in style and look great with shorts or skirts

3. Military look goes feminine is a hot look that can be mimicked at home. Take that old camo jacket and tag it up with a nice Lacey shirt and you will have a fashion look in no time.

4. The sporty look can be achieved with a cute pair of Capri pants that tie at the bottom and a nice tee or tank that fits nicely layered with a jacket

5. Bring back dads white long sleeve tees like we all wore in high school. Roll up the long sleeves to the elbow or just below layer with a cute tee or a color full tank

6. Another way that you can easily achieve style is by putting a bit of color into your wardrobe.

7. The sweaters of yesterday will make a return trip. I can remember the animal print sweaters with reindeer's etc.. can easily be redone at home to make a sweet fashionable stylish look

8. A nice look where less is more is also often very fashionable as well as sexy. Just take a look at the little black dress, little flair or fashion is needed yet it carries itself nicely

9. Chunky knitted items like that sweater you have had for a bit paired with fur topped boots and a pair of slender jeans can make that look hot, sophisticated and sexy

10. Go a bit out of your personality and mix fun colors, shades and prints. This not only is perfect for the fashions of winter 2011 but also will be fun as well. While it may take someone with a strong personality to wear such an outfit it can be done

Taking just a few minutes out of your busy lifestyle to plan an outfit can put you in style without spending a lot of money or time.

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