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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Staying organized on a Road Trip

Many of us will be going on road trips to celebrate the holiday season with those that we love. Road trips can become very disorganized at time which can lead to moments of panic as well as frustration when something is misplaced. Staying organized is very helpful while on road trips here are some tips you may consider using:
  • Prepare for the road trip by stocking the trunk with two or three boxes for holding snacks, and other items needed on the trip. 
  • Sanitizing wipes and paper towels are two very useful items that should be placed in the car before the road trip. They are great for wiping up spills, sticky hands or dirty hands, wipe the inside of the car window when a dirty spot is noticed, and also use them for napkins
  • Grocery Bags are also great items to have along on road trips. They are the perfect size for keeping trash in when snacking along the road. These bags can easily be tossed out at pit stops, rest stops, or hotels
  • Baggies are perfect for snacking. It allows you to split up bigger more economical bags of snack chips, crackers, etc... place in baggies that reseal so that you will have snack ready if hunger hits along the trip Another fun thing you could do is to use the sandwich lunch punch to create fun snack before going on the trip and then surprising the eaters along the way.
  • Another great product that I reviewed a little while back that has worked perfectly for my granddaughter has been the The Snack and Play Travel Tray from Star Kids It was great for her to use while playing or snacking. As she gets older it will become more and more useful while writing and coloring while on road trips.
  • If you will be taking children along on the road trip and making any stops along the way at busy places then you may want to take Safety Tats along with you as well. These are great items that provide safety in the case that your child would get lost
I hope these tips help you out. If you have any that you would love to share I would love to hear about them.

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