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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Judgement House

For the past several years I have been part of an event that takes place at my church every year. This event is known as Judgement House. Judgement House is a play of sorts but it is more than that. It is put together similar to a haunted house where the story moves from room to room. This years story is about abduction it is about a subject that has happened before, may happen again and can happen in any neighborhood anywhere. It is a story where a group of friends go out, where two young ladies are kidnapped and one of the young ladies are killed but it is so much more than that. Judgement House allows the visitor to see the final steps of a group of friends who go out for the night and terror becomes reality. It allows them to see that the days of our lives really matter and what we do with our days does as well. In the end they will see reality ending with eternal life in heaven or hell and that choice being each individual characters choice. Judgement House starts tonight and I pray that all those involved with acting, behind scene, and those that visit will leave with a renewed experience and share this experience with others After all we do not know when our last day will be, what path our lives will cross with others and what others may see in us. Just something to think about but it is something very real and very powerful to think about


  1. I just seen a story like this not long ago on I Survived. It made me want to lock my daughter up so tight and swallow the key. I fear every time she is out of my site. She's 15 and I can't let her go. I might need to let her go a little, but I can't find it in me to do it.

  2. That sounds really powerful. Saying prayers for all involved!

  3. The purpose of Judgement House is a great idea, and I hope it doesn't scare younger people..


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