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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Safety Tips

Sue Adair, director of education at Goddard Schools nationwide shared some Halloween Tips with Womans Day  that you may want to be aware of as you go out into the night to have a good time not a fright Among on the list of tips are:

Costumes: choose facepaint rather than a mask as it will be better for the child to breathe and see. I also know from experience that the mask never stays on long and come off often and just adds something else for the parent to carry
Carry a flashlight and if possible some glow in dark jewelry, bracelet or a glow stick will help others to see child better as well as offer a bit of light so child can see path better
Check to see what preset hours are for trick or treating and try to abide by them. Having a pre-planned route helps as well
Do not eat candy along the route wait til get home to inspect. Toss any treats that are unwrapped or damaged. If homemade treats are from some where that you do not know they should be tossed as well

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  1. Always good to remind us about these. Sometimes, we feel too safe maybe.


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