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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ear Infections Are The Worst

One thing that my children suffered from when they were little was ear aches. Even now that they are adults they still have ear aches from time to time. You know that ear pain that sometimes decreases the amount of sound one hears and leaves an adult or child often reeling from pain. Ear Infections nearly always travel along with a sore throat or other illness because of the bacteria or virus that caused the illness in the first place often travels to the ear. The pain from ear infections may come along with dizziness, sensation of ear blockage and/or  fever Young children and babies often find it hard to tell someone that they have an ear infection because their language skills are not yet developed. I have had a child who because of language problems had bulging ear drums because he could not communicate with me it was his ears hurting. I was aware that something was wrong but did not know it was his ears until the Dr. appt. Often treatment for ear infections will require antibiotics and/or eardrops, pain medication, possibly a heat pad to help keep ears from hurting, I am quite aware this winter once again may bring along with it colds, fevers and yes ear infections as well. I will be prepared will you?

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  1. I suffered as a child with ear infections. I had three surgeries on them putting tubes in them. It was a nightmare. Then when I was a Senior in high school I fell water skiing and had to have a whole new eardrum put in my ear. I missed all of my senior activities but made it to my graduation. My hearing has never been good because of all those problems but oh well there's always a bright side. I made it through all of that and have a great life despite always saying Huh? LOL


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