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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dinner Time Conversation

When our children were young we found it easy to sit down at the table to enjoy the meal and each others company. As they got older we found this more and more difficult to do. I still insist that we take that 30 to 45 minutes to sit down and enjoy each others company. After all after that it is back out the door they run to their next destination of sport games, friends, activities and the list goes on. I strongly believe that sitting down at the table with the family helps to build strong bonds and opens conversation. If you struggle finding something to discuss with the family here is a list of some fun topics divided by age groups. I hope you find the list useful and take the time at least once in a while to sit down and enjoy each others company

Kids up to 5

•What made you feel happy today?

•What was the weather like today?

•Which foods on the table are crunchy (or sweet or spicy)?

•How do you think the belly button got its name?

•If snow fell in a flavor, what would you want it to be?

Kids 6 to 11

•What’s the hardest thing that you did today?

•If you could change anything that happened today, what would it be?

•Who did you sit by today at lunch (or on the bus)?

•What would you like to invent?

•How do you know when you’re grown up?

Kids 12 and up

•What’s your newest favorite tune?

•What would you like to change at your school?

•What do kids know more about than adults?

•Teach us something you learned today that you don’t think we know.

•Who has it easier—guys or girls?

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