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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whats your Toddler Afraid Of?

We all are afraid of something. Even the strong tough ones who would love to say we are not afraid of anything are still afraid of something. When we reach the age of talking through our feelings and sharing our thoughts we can easily share our fears. What about the toddlers that can not yet talk clearly or share feelings? They are still afraid of things and sometimes it is very hard to decipher exactly what they are afraid of. Parents Online took a look at the top 10 fears of toddlers recently and listed them as;

fear of the dark:

many adults also have this fear it is a fear that children often have and some adults find it hard to get out of. Fear of the dark is often the fear of the unknown. When we feel afraid in the dark we often turn on a light. It is very important to teach toddlers where the light switches are and that they can turn on the light if they can not see and are afraid. We always had a night light near the bathroom and in our children's rooms. One thing that our daughter did is to give her daughter a snuggle toy that lit up just enough so that she was not afraid

Fear of monsters is also a very serious fear of toddlers. While as adults we find this a bit funny toddlers take this fear very serious. You can help your child by going on a monster hunt before bed checking the closet, under the bed and in any hiding place the monster may be. Another idea is to have a squirt bottle filled with water and label the bottle monster spray. Toddlers imaginations go a long way and if parents can help to calm their fears then all the better

Fear of the weather is a fear that many children and adults have. I have a brother in law who will not be found outside if a storm is approaching as well as a nephew who as a toddler showed great signs of fear. No they are not related in fact my nephew is my brothers child and my brother in law is my husbands brother. Help your toddler by creating a visual chart so they can understand what is expected in the weather. Another great idea is to create a plan in case of bad storms. My daughter has a kit prepared for her and her little girl each time a storm with possible tornado's comes up they grab their kit and head to the basement.

Bad dreams are a fact of life and a major fear of toddlers. Our children went through what are called night terrors Night Terrors are not only hard on the child but also the parents who so want to help the child. We eventually had to talk to our pediatrician for advice on what to do. If your child has night terrors that is what I advise you to do as well

Fear of strangers is often more common in toddlers than in infancy. My grand daughter is so cute because she will come to me instantly as soon as she hears my voice and sees me. But my husband who sometimes has a beard and other times does not she will shy away til he talks to her. Toddlers are often like this wanting to be sure they are safe and if they are not staying by mom where they know they are This to me is not a fear you want to break away from them wanting to be near mom as much as you want them to welcome others as well. Parents should lead by being friendly and visiting others.

Fear of separation breaks the parents heart and seems to crush the little one. Parents should set up a good bye routine and only leave the child with trusted individuals that the child has been introduced to.

Fear of being alone is one thing that my daughter has struggled with when it comes to our Princess. She is an only child and there are times that mom would just like to go do her own thing. However, princess has other ideas such as mom reading, mom cuddling, etc... This behavior is great but when it comes to homemaking, cooking etc... it becomes difficult. One thing we have learned is that to have your child in the same room but a bit away from you constantly reminding them that you are there

Toilets and bathrooms were a major fear of one of my nephews who it seemed took forever to get potty trained. He was so short it scared him a bit to sit on it and then I am not sure what other fears he had. You can help your child by investigating the potty with them and supplying a step stool for a step up

Fear of Doctor of Dentist is another fear that toddlers share with adults. I believe I developed a fear of them as a child and the thought of having to go still gives me a chill. To comfort my children we would discuss the doctor visit ahead of time as to look forward to it and then sit in waiting room reading and talking. I am happy to say that the doctor visits for my children were not as traumatic as they were for me
What are or your child afraid of?? Did you find your fear on the list??

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