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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cool Cars
Cars for Kids were also at the Charity for Kids and I captured these great pictures.

The orange/peach car almost makes you feel as if the drive in was still around. I would have loved to have been a teen in that time period. Of course my time had its own fun but wow big cars, carhops and drive in movies seem very cool to me.


  1. Great photos of a time gone by...I remeber when I was young, my Grandparents used to take us to a place called Norms that had car hops on roller skates and the trays on the side just like that. Of course we always went to the driv in movies too, until they tore the one in our town down about 15 years ago...thanks for helping to bring back some wonderful memories!

  2. I was a teen in that era and the best thing about those cars was the big back seats....oops...too much information. Loved looking at the cars and enjoying the


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