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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Quilts - Wordless Wednesday

Recently I attended a charity event for Baptist Childrens Homes. Part of this event is the wonderful quilt auction held each year. Here are just a very few of the quilts I loved.

My grandmother was a quilter and I reckon her mother was also a quilter. I can remember the time they spent going into each time seeking piece making sure all the lines were correct the pattern was they wanted it and the colors in the material were just so. I can remember her using leftover cloth, cut up pieces of clothing that no one wore any more and purchasing special material for the quilt she would create. The beauty in her quilts are priceless and it seems that through her quilts grandma left a piece of herself.

Dreaming A Quilt

Vision unfolds.
Color and pattern
change form,
then settle down;
ready to become real.

Fabric bought
here and there.
Shades and hues
are elusive,
having dwelled
only in thought.

Purchases placed
in a box beside
templates designed
late at night.
Inspiration surfaces
in that somnolent state.

Supplies gathered;
plans sketched on
an old yellow pad.
I close the lid
and slip the container
beneath the bed _

that secret place
where dreams
like this wait.

© 1998 Anne Johnson


  1. Beautiful pictures and so is the poem. I like it :)

  2. Great poem. Quilts are just gorgeous.

  3. i would love the dutch girl one...
    well, all of them, but that one reminded me of my nana...


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