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Monday, February 8, 2010

Matters of the Heart Giveaway - Safety Tat

My first Matters of the heart giveaway is for Safety Tats. Safety Tats are a wonderful product that should help moms and caregivers everywhere to relax. Have you ever been at a mall, store, zoo or any public place where you hear that a mother has lost her child? I was just in the store the other day when I heard a mom say "where did my daughter go" lucky for her she simply went to the next aisle ahead of her and her mommy found her very easily. Unfortunately in these days and times this does not always happen like that. The sad fact is that many children each year come up missing. That is why safety tats may be very important to your child.

Safety Tats are temporary tattoos that serve as child ID badges as well. They are there if your child gets lost and are meant to allow those that will help to help. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days and if they see a lost wandering child with a safety tat badge with the phone number it would be so simple to call the number on the cellphone so that the child and parent can be reunited. I do not even want to think what would happen without the safety tat perhaps announcements over speakers would go over but in large crowded places this would be hard to hear, perhaps the person would wait with the child and search for the parents but the sad truth is everyone is in a hurry these days. That is whey I fees safety tats are so super important.

Buy: Safety tats are at a value that can not be priced but they are at an affordable Price as well. Simply head over to the Safety Tat website and purchase your own.


Please visit the website and let me know something that I did not share with you regarding the safety tats and information on their website

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Giveaway starts today and will end March 1, 2010 Email must be on blog or in comment or you can not win. Good Luck


  1. My daughter was always escaping me. This is a good idea.


  2. That they have great safety tats for children that have allergies


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