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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I love my hubby and my children and my friends and the list goes on and on but always at the top of this list is always my Lord. For this Thankful Thursday and so near valentine I wanted to share a favorite song of mine

I know this is a different sort of Thankful Thursday but it is what I find on my heart. You can share what you are thankful for this Thursday on the blog Grace Alone


  1. I like that song too, I hadn't heard it in a while, thanks! Hope that you have a great day and a lovely Velentines Day

  2. Boy, I have not heard that song in a long tome! Great song to use. I enjoyed your post and that sweet song. Made me smile. :)

  3. What an excellent post my friend. If there's anyone on the internet that always shows her love of her family it's you so to say something a little different this time is wonderful. You are one special lady :)

  4. happy valentine's annie. beautiful post.


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