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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fragment : Valentine Messages

Mommy's Idea

Long week with little going on here at our house. Teens went to school here on Monday and since then have been out of school the rest of the week (2 snow days and 2 planned days off). Son did go to school to help put together the valograms that will be handed out on Monday. He shared with me that some of them were not so great and therefore were thrown out. (1) there was one sent by a girl a friend of his that had just broke up with her boyfriend she created a passage that was not so nice if you can only imagine (2) there was a fellow football player who sent a teammate the message "stay hard" now this can go two ways a manner in which is not proper or a fellow teammate that wants to stay strong in the game. Whatever the meaning it to was thrown out. Well thats about all that happened here besides the teens eating me out of house and home. Hopefully next week they will all be ready to return to school

what happened in your life this week? Share them over at the website Half Past Kissin' Time with Friday Fragments.

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  1. Same thing here with the snow days, and they are calling for even more early next week. UGH.

    Stopping in by way of FF>


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