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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Slippy Hair Clippy Review

Have you all seen my little princess? If not here take a look at my lil granddaughter that I call Princess. Princess is my only grandchild and I may be a bit partial but I think she looks like a little doll. I love to dress her up, buy dress clothes for her and just think she is a little doll. One of my favorite places to find hair clips and headbands for her is No Slippy Hair Clippy. There are many reasons that I love to shop there but one of the main reason is because of their selection. Just take a look at these wonderful clips and let me know what you think.

Look at this cute clip. In my opinion this is the perfect clip for Easter. If you are not partial to pink don't worry it comes in a couple of other colors.

I like this one because my lil princess loves to carry around purses at this age and it just seems to call out precious

Don't worry ladies they make some great ones for us as well. After all not every thing can be for the little ones. I love this one because it looks like a butterfly to me.

When my girls were young we would place clips in their hair only to watch them slide out as quick as we put them in. Their hair was so fine that it did not matter much what we tried for there was no clips that could stay in our daughters hair. Now my granddaughter does not need to go through this same game. With No Slippy Hair Clippy the clips will stay in hair without a problem allowing her, my daughter and my self to rest easy. Not only does the velvet feel soft but it helps to protect lil hands from pinches in my opinion.
Buy: you can purchase the lovely Non Slippy Hair Clippy products directly off Their website located at


  1. What a doll!
    I'm following you and hope you'll follow me too.

  2. Sweet little princess
    clad in red—maybe an elf
    or ready for bed!


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