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Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Quick Take Friday

  1. Well, the pipes that shattered during the long cold front are being repaired. I actually was able to take a warm shower and today will be able to do laundry as well. I must say it is odd how life goes because now that I have not did laundry for the past 11 days I am so ready to wash, dry and fold those clothes
  2. The dreadful cold that we had last week has now been relpaced with some beautiful warm weather. I love the warm weather not only because my feet are warm but also because my son who runs no matter the weather can stay warm and dry
  3. I am proud of Southern Illinois as they are currently forming teams to help Haiti. The devastation that they see first hand and we see on T.V. is terrible. Is there anything that you can do? Yes, you can offer prayers for those in Haiti as well as make a donation. If you are not able to go help yourself then donate there are several great ways that you can do this.
  4. I am very happy that my children are happy in their social lives. I just wonder a bit of what Valentines day will be like. My daughter and my son are actually not currently dating but they have their romantic interest. I just wonder if these interest will spark to something more. While they are both 17 and 18 and plenty old enough to have a friendship I will be there to remind of guidelines and open conversation lines.
  5. I am currently watching the T.V. show the doctors and really suprised of all they are showing. The cedar bath they are showing is like taking a bath in sawdust but they say much more comfortable. I have family that owned a saw mill and must say that I am not sure what that would be like
  6. Have you all been able to visit my daughters blog as of yet? She is sharing lots of pictures of Princess, recipes, tips and lots of fun as well. If you have not stopped by for a visit do that now. PLEASE!!!!!
  7. Now that the midle of the January is here I have not heard alot of people complain that they broke their new years resolution. Maybe its an up swing for resolutions this year. How are you doing on yours? Me, my life was such a mess that I did not even make any this year that way no fear of breaking them.


  1. Annie. I am so sorry about your pipes and so happy you're having warm water and warm weather. I'll go checkout your daughter's blog now.

  2. What happened in Haiti is awful. It just breaks my heart.

    Glad you have warm water gight now.

  3. Glad you pipes are fixes-- a warm shower and plenty of laundry to do to keep you moving and warm -- sounds like you have a full day!! Thanks for the reminder!! I need to get caught up on Mount Washmore!!

  4. I only have four kids and thinking of not being able to do laundry for 11 days scares the bejeebers out of me! You have to have a mountain of clothes that fills a room! YIKES!

    I don't make resolutions either, but after some prayer, choose a word to focus on. This year's word is TRUST. When I feel anxious about money or my kids or any number of things, God gently brings the word to mind. TRUST.

    Last year's word was FOCUS and it really did help me sift out what was most important in my life.

    Happy Friday!


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