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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday

Random Thought Tuesday is a valid meme for me to participate in today. I am trying to recall all my parenting experiences of the past. I have started to care for my two nephews and this is proving to be quite challenging. If you have any tips please share

Beautiful fall weather is what we have been experiencing as of late. I just love to see the beauty in Autumn. The leaves changing the apple season and the memories I have for both.

What are your random thoughts today? Share them at the blog The Un Mom


  1. Sorry, I have no tips about boys. My 2 year old is all about princess and pink and preen and Oy! I need to stop with the P's already!

  2. It has been beautiful around us, hasn't it? Too bad the rain knocked off all of the pretty leaves. We are having fun playing in the leaves and trying to come up with new ways to play in them.
    No tips for boys, mine is just 3.


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