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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my bedroom made over. My bedroom is host to many special jobs a few of them being:
  • special collection place
  • computer room
  • family tv room
  • laundry folding center
  • gathering room
  • snack storage center
  • sleeping center
  • coat storage for guest

As I said my room has many functions but the looks of it could use some spiffying up. While we spent allot of money on the kids rooms when we moved in our room is the one that has not been upgraded. All though my room is the room that receives the most attention from all members of the family it is the last to have anything done to it. That is why I all I want for Christmas is my walls painted, new curtains for the windows, some new linens for the bed, a rug to cover the floor and just a bit more to show love to my room. In other words all I want for Christmas is my room made over. You can enter to win a chance to make over your room in the sponsored by Vision bedding and Twitter Moms.


  1. I hope you get your Christmas wish! I did a little makeover on our room and found some really good deals on I was trying to buy on a budget and I found some quilts there that were on clearance. Love the Fall look of your blog. Very nice!

  2. Oh I'm so there with you. Now to be one of those lucky reviewers that get that gig :).

    And Laundry folded I didn't know there was such a thing ;)


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