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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kids Thanksgiving Recipe Snack Mix

Kids Thanksgiving Recipe Snack Mix:

In a bowl mix:

Bugles, horn shaped snacks
Pretzels (that symbolize arms folded in thanks and pray)
Candy corn (see the gratitude tradition further on)
Circle shaped cereal (circle of unity)
Dried fruits (represent fruits available at harvest time)
Seeds or Peanuts (represent planting new crops)
Goldfish Crackers (fish was available and part of the first thanksgiving dinner also is resemble for christian faith)

This snack can be used to teach your child a lesson of thanksgiving to your children as well.

I listed this at:


  1. I love the symbolism and the combination of flavors.

  2. What a neat way to celebrate Thanksgiving. :) Thanks for sharing it in Grace's Kitchen!

  3. this sounds so awsome and festive thank you for sharing!

  4. This is neat! Would be a great preschool project :)


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