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Monday, November 23, 2009

Pine Cone Turkey Craft

Here is a super craft that you can do with your child it is super fun and easy to. Just take a look

Here is how to create your own:

•Construction paper in fall colors
•Craft glue
•Modeling clay
•Small craft eyes

Draw several long thin feather shapes onto different colors of fall themed construction paper such as brown, orange or yellow. Make about 8 feathers or less depending on how large the pinecone is. Cut out the paper feathers and get them ready to glue onto the pinecone. Using a quick drying craft glue, apply the feathers to the back or thickest part of the pinecone. You can choose where you think they should go, but try to keep the bunched together to form a tail. Glue the acorn upside down into the very front of the pinecone to form the turkey's face. Make sure that the part of the acorn with the shell on it is the part that is glued into the pinecone. Otherwise the turkey's face will look distorted. Cut a small waddle shape out of some red construction paper and glue it onto the acorn that is the turkey's head. Glue some small craft eyes onto the turkey's head to make it appear more realistic. Make a small platform for your turkey out of modeling clay and press the bottom of the pinecone down into it. Let everything dry and then your pinecone turkey craft should be completed and ready to use as a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration.

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