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Monday, November 23, 2009

Holgate wooden toy giveaway

If you have a little one or know one that needs a special gift then check out the wooden toys at Holgate. I was a Mr Rogers fan when I was a child my children loved him as well and at Holgate they have a Mr Rogers collection love these they are so cool. Go Graham Go is hosting giveaway where the winner will recieve a tow truck and sporster car. Contest ends December 7, 2009.

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  1. Holgate Toy

    The timeline seems Skewed. Holgate says they have been in continuous operation since 1789. Per the website the company was founded in 1789 by Cornelius Holgate, but no mention of how long he lived and who the company was passed down to. Then somewhere around 1929 Jarvis Rockwell got involved, but no mention how long he was around. Some information eludes that the company was successful up to an around 1945, but no mention who actually owned it. Incorporation records show the present owner Richard Bly incorporating in 1988. That’s a big gap from 1945 to 1988! Is the name game more a marketing ploy? Regarding safety it appears all the other wood toy manufactures are well within compliance?


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